Your new idice is in the clouds


By now, many of you have heard of cloud computing. If you have not, then welcome to the future. It is around the corner. Cloud computing is deemed to be even more innovative and flexible to handle than your current software applications are. There is also talk that where transacting business and currencies are concerned, this form of computing will offer better safety and security. For those only looking in from the outside, the jury remains out. This is not your start chamber nor is it a super jury appointed by the masses or those who represent them.   

The jury that is out is unqualified to raise any alarm bells as to whether cloud computing is really the way to go where new business concerns come to the fore. If you are a new business concern it might make good business sense to try out these new innovative applications. You do not necessarily need to discard all other applications or tools for the time being. If you threw in your lot entirely with cloud computing, for instance, then this would be tantamount to throwing all your eggs into one basket. Also, the applications are in place for you to learn before you use.

One way you can learn how to manage your commercial and financial concerns is through the playing of online games. One online game you can enter into is simply called idice. And yes, you are quite right, it is similar to the old fashioned gaming practice of throwing dice. But not quite. All players online play Ethereum Dice directly from their smart mobile phone. And they can do this from any location in the world. The downloaded or installed app that players need to play the game optimally is defined as being cross-platform.

This ensures mobile compatibility across the board. There are no technical shortcomings. Such is the advantage of having cloud computing to hand. The abovementioned game is also the first block-chain dice game that incorporates all, or most, mobile applications. If you find yourself short changed at any point in time then it can only be that you have not yet embraced new technologies and are still stubbornly using an archaic little, or large, device hardy but well past its sell by date. In other words, sad to say, that device has become redundant.  

The Ethereum dice game allows you to make investments and later to make profit. As with all things, a learning curve needs to be negotiated before any profits can be realized. But yes, there is always the potential to earn while you learn. This has little to do with the innovative technologies now at your disposal. It has everything to do with just how much you are prepared to put into this endeavor. There are others, all creeping into the new universe of cloud computing. At the time of writing this article an estimated amount of two hundred thousand dollars was released to new winners within two months of the game’s launch.