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Finding the Best Tesla Coil Lighter

Are you frustrated that you have not managed to find the ideal lighter? We can understand why you may feel this way. There are so many good lighters on the market, but sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to find the lighter that suits you the most. And we want you to find that one lighter so that you will never have to buy another one anytime soon. But what are the options? And what is the best lighter on the market? Here is a closer look at the market for lighters right now.

The thing about lighters is that you are getting a very basic function out of them all, which is why people are often reluctant to spend more than a few dollars on one. The most you will see is people who have bought a Zippo and cheap fluid, which they will use to fill up their Zippo every few weeks. However, there are other options on the market that we think you should know about. And one of those options is the best tesla coil lighter, which came out recently. This is the one lighter that we think can completely change the game for those who need a high quality option.

If you are the type of person who likes cool gadgets, and you like the idea of an electronic lighter, then the Tesla coil lighter will make you so happy. It works in a very different way to regular lighters, because there is no fluid within it at all. It is an electronic system, and coils are being heated at the tip of the lighter. When these coils are heated up, there is a small space on the lighter where you can move your cigarette to – and then your cigarette is lit. This will happen each time, no matter what the weather.

best tesla coil lighter

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Even if there is a massive storm and the winds are going crazy, you can go outside and you can light your cigarette without a problem. The days of having to go inside to light the cigarette or hide until you can find a spot with no wind are gone. This lighter is not producing a traditional flame, which means there is no flame for the wind to distinguish. It is the most efficient and productive lighter that you are going to find on the market.

Every lighter has its cons, and there are two major ones with this lighter. The first one is that it is more expensive than any other lighter on the market. But even with that flaw, you should know this lighter can last you for many years with no problem. The second con is that it does not have a huge area that you can use in order to light something. That means if you are a cigar smoker, you may not get much success with this lighter. But for cigarettes and things of a similar size, there is no issue.